If you pledged on one of our Kickstarter campaigns and haven’t received anything, we recommend you go through these steps before contacting us:

  1.  Has there been an update about orders being shipped?
  • Due to the nature of Kickstarter projects, deadlines often vary, and checking the updates is the best way to be kept informed.
  •  Did you place an order on the pledge manager?
    •  Once the initial campaign has finished, we send out an invite to our pledge manager to place your order.
    • If this isn’t completed, we have no record of your order and won’t have sent you anything.
    • Let us know if this is the case, but please be aware we may not be able to provide some or all of the Kickstarter exclusives as we only order enough to match orders we receive on time.
  • · Have you moved since placing your order?
    •  If you’ve moved since placing your order but haven’t let us know, your order will have been sent to your old address.
    • Contact us and we’ll do our best to help out.
    • Please be aware your order may have been left at the new address, or returned to us. If it’s been returned, there will be an extra shipping charge to cover the costs of the return and shipping it back out to you.